YOUR FINISHED IMAGE: The Fundamental Art of Retouching with REBECCA MANSON

Wednesday, May 10th. 8:45am – 10:30am  

There is no magic, step-by-step guide outlining exactly what should be done in the post-production process. There are guidelines, many dos and don’ts, but every image is unique.

This seminar, aimed at experienced photoshop users, will explore how to allow each image to uniquely inform the decisions to be made in post processing.  

Retoucher Rebecca Manson will go beyond a formulaic tips and tools explanation of Photoshop tools to explore the fundamental artistry of retouching; to be able to analyze a file in its RAW form and visualize where the image needs to go to reach its strongest visual potential. This process requires an understanding of visual psychology: how the eye is affected by composition, color, light and dark, balance, tone, etc. in addition to a good knowledge of the software.

Manson will help you re-embrace the traditional darkroom skill set of the master silver printer from within Photoshop and will use a diverse set of her client’s images to show how post-production considerations implemented prior to your shoot can greatly improve your image-making workflow and results.

Please bring your own laptop with editing software (Photoshop) as well as your Wacom tablet if you use one, to participate in demonstration and exercises using provided sample files. 

PRICE: $95



Becci creates images.

Some of her earliest memories from England in the mid ’70’s are of concocting something on paper.

From crayons, pencils, paints and silk screens, to cameras and Photoshop.

For well over 20 years now she has worked in London, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles for industry leading Photographers, Advertising Agencies, Brands, Magazines and Newspapers including Mark Seliger, Christopher Griffith, Annie Leibovitz, Rankin, Droga5, 72&Sunny, BBDO, Apple, Samsung, Puma, Toyota to name a tiny percentage.

Her work culminated in a humanitarian project in North East Japan after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which included cleaning and restoring lost and damaged family photos for victims, creating a worldwide network of remote retouching volunteers and an army of locally based unskilled volunteers.